Sports Science & Fitness Congress 2017


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Fields of Competency

Sports Medicine; Body composition, Health and Performance; Exercise Physiology and Coaching Sciences; Performance Testing and Diagnosis; Development and Application of Measurement Methods in Medicine and Sports

The team includes

Sport physicians; exercise physiologists; experts in the field of body composition, health and performance; sport scientists (experience spans from exercise as "preventive and therapeutic medicine" to the training of athletes including a series of Olympic medallists).

Experimental physicists and software engineers (development/application of measurement techniques).


We are prepared to support optimisation strategies in the fields of exercise and health, body composition assessment, and athletic development. A particular focus is put on designing and conducting laboratory and field studies, including the choice or development of optimal measurement techniques for a given research question.

Software products

FAT-Software: Most accurate and reliable measurement of subcutaneous fat (see: Müller W et al. Br J Sports Med, 2016 – open access)

HUMAN POWER SPECTRUM – Software: Accurate measurement of human out-put power in all time domains of relevance (sub-seconds to the endurance time regime), designed for both mechanical cycle and hand-crank ergometers.

Hardware products

ROTOSPORT offers all products of MONARK Exercise, including mechanical and computer-controlled cycle and hand-crank ergometers (see, or Monark built the first ergometer 1954 and is still leading the test ergometer world market.