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Karin Silbernagel

Karin Silbernagel
Karin Silbernagel
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Karin is an Assistant professor at the Department of Physical Therapy, University of Delaware, Newark, DE USA.

At University of Delaware she runs the Tendon research lab together with colleagues from mechanical and biomedical engineering. The Tendon Research Group at University of Delaware is an interdisciplinary group working to advance understanding of tendon injuries and repair so that tailored treatments can be developed. She also performs research at University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden where she is the co-advisor for three PhD students.

She received her bachelors degree in physical therapy from Boston University, Boston, USA and her PhD in Orthopaedics from University of Gothenburg. Karin has been a clinician, researcher, and educator in the U.S. and Sweden. She has been a practicing physical therapist for over 20 years, mainly in orthopaedics and sports medicine. Her research focuses on tendon injuries, especially the clinical aspects of treatment, and evaluation. She has been the principal investigator on two randomized clinical trials on Achilles tendinopathy. For another two randomized clinical trials on Achilles tendon rupture she has been a CO-PI and responsible for the design and execution of the test battery for outcome measure and the physical therapy treatments.

Her research approach is to evaluate tendon health and recovery by quantifying tendon composition, structure, and mechanical properties, as well as patients’ impairments and symptoms. The focus is on how to prescribe exercise and physical activity as treatment in patients with painful tendinopathy and complete ruptures. She has published 50+ articles in peer-reviewed journals, has written several book chapters and has presented nationally and internationally.

Speaking on Friday at 17:30 about Transition

Speaking on Saturday at 12:55 about Transition

Speaking on Saturday at 15:00 about Return to sports in athletes with tendinopathy / Room: Lecture hall 1
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